Dear Fellow Patriot,

Failed Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is plotting a run for Governor and supports radical gun control policies like Universal Gun Registration, “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and a ban on commonly owned rifles.

This should be a non-starter for ANY politicians seeking the highest political office in Texas.

To help Texas Gun Rights stop Beto’s gun control agenda and defend Texas’ Constitutional Carry law, I’m counting on you to sign your “Stop Beto’s Anti-Gun Agenda in Texas” pledge!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

My Pledge to Stop Beto’s Anti-Gun Agenda in Texas!

WHEREAS: The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, the defense of others, and national defense; and

WHEREAS: Beto O’Rourke and his Gun Control Lobby-backers will spend MILLIONS of dollars trying to buy control of Texas in order to repeal Constitutional Carry and implement their radical gun control agenda; and

WHEREAS: Beto’s radical agenda would submit law-abiding gun owners to extraordinary risks, including gun confiscation, theft, and targeted attacks by criminals.

THEREFORE: I pledge my commitment to continue supporting Texas Gun Rights’ efforts to Stop Beto’s Anti-Gun Agenda in Texas!



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