Dear Fellow Patriot,

With critical elections coming up and a massive push for more gun control by billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Texas Gun Rights must do everything it can to fight back and secure more victories for the Second Amendment in Texas!

That’s why I hope you’ll submit your Second Amendment Survey right away!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

Second Amendment Survey: MEMBERS ONLY

1) We must EXPOSE Gun Ban Politicians running for office in Texas. With Beto O’Rourke plotting a run for the highest office in Texas and anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg ready to fill the coffers of gun ban politicians, the 2022 election cycle will be critical for the defense of the Second Amendment in Texas! I want Texas Gun Rights to expose gun ban politicians in Texas!

2) We must DEFEAT Universal Gun Registration in Texas. Universal Gun Registration funnels ALL gun purchases into the Brady-NICS government database, making private sales and the gifting or borrowing of a firearm virtually impossible without first begging for government permission. I want Texas Gun Rights to defeat any attempt to pass this egregious law without compromise!

3) We must PROHIBIT “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation from ever becoming law in the Lone Star State. These laws violate the Second and Fourth Amendments by forcibly removing guns from someone who is never charged or even accused of a crime. I want Texas Gun Rights to fight to ban the implementation of any future “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws in the Lone Star State!

4) We must STRENGTHEN Texas’ “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law. The current law falls short by not protecting Texans from enforcement of gun control by the federal government. I want Texas Gun Rights to fight to make Texas a true Second Amendment Sanctuary with enforceable teeth to protect my rights from state and federal infringements!

5) We must EXPAND Constitutional Carry to include military-aged adults 18-20, students on Texas college campuses, and the lands managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority, including many Texas campgrounds. No legal gun owner should have to beg the government for a permission slip to exercise the right to self-defense. I want Texas Gun Rights to fight for Constitutional Carry expansion for all law-abiding gun owners!



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