Dear Fellow Patriot,

The anti-gun cabal led by Joe Biden in the White House are doing everything they can to punish law-abiding citizens who dare to exercise their Second Amendment rights to defend their life, liberty, or property.

Everything from “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation to Universal Gun Registration and bans on modern sporting rifles are on the table for the Sleepy Joe regime…

As you know, our pockets aren’t lined by gun control crazed billionaires like Michael Bloomberg.

Help us draw a line in the sand by signing and returning your “Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda” pledge today!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda

Texas Gun Rights Pledge

WHEREAS: D.C. politicians and bureaucrats are pushing dangerous gun control under the “leadership” of Joe Biden; and

WHEREAS: The current Texas “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law provides no enforcement or protection for Texas gun owners; and

WHEREAS: TRUE Second Sanctuary legislation would punish government agents who dare to enforce unconstitutional gun control on law-abiding Texans.

THEREFORE: I pledge my commitment to continue supporting Texas Gun Rights’ efforts to fight back against federal overreach and push for TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation -- with teeth!



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